Der vierte Tag der Trofea Princesa Sofia in Palma begann mit leichtem Wind, der sich im zweiten der beiden gesegelten Läufe auf 14-15 Knoten aufbaute. Nils Theuninck belegte die Ränge 12 und 7. Damit ist er in der Zwischenrangliste wieder auf den 3. Platz vorgerückt. Damit ist er auf dem besten Weg ins medal race. Giles Scott (GBR) konnte seinen Vorsprung auf 7 Punkte ausbauen. Aufsteiger des Tages ist Nicolas Heiner (NED), vom 10. auf den 2. Platz, 2 Punkte vor Nils.

Kommentare von Nils:

“I think it’s quite solid results in a strong fleet like this.”

“I was a bit disappointed after yesterday. In the strong conditions I was not so well prepared for it, but today was much better, even in the second race when the breeze got stronger. I had some good downwinds, and some good speed on the upwinds, so I am really happy with the day.”

He added that he felt slightly awed looking at the results list, with his name surrounded by so many famous names of world, European, Olympic and America’s Cup champions. But the Finn is providing a perfect pathway for him to realise his potential and he is making the most of the opportunity.

This is his first full season in the Finn class. „I sailed Laser for five years. And I stopped in my last junior year, where I was third in the U21 Europeans. I think the Finn fits me much better and I am able to sail my best.”

1  GBR 41 Giles SCOTT 33 2 5
2  NED 89 Nicholas HEINER 70 6 3
3  SUI 1 Nils THEUNINCK 72 12 7
71  SUI 63 Gautschi THOMAS 479 DNC DNC
72  SUI 96 Oliver WIRZ 485 71 69

Bericht Tag 4
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