Wasserdichter Finnmast? Neue Videos

Christophe hat sich bei mir gemeldet. Er hat zwei weitere Videos erstellt, die das Prinzip noch besser erklären und zeigen, wie man das Teil ein- und ausbaut.

Hier könnt Ihr Christophe Deseilligny via Mail erreichen.

Der Französische Finnsegler Christophe Deseilligny hat einen wasserdichten Mast entwickelt, der das Durchkentern verhindern soll. Das Zusatzgewicht ist lediglich 100 Gramm. Die Hauptfragen für mich sind, ob sowas überhaupt durch die Vermessung kommt und wie man das Fall auswechselt. Der Mast muss ja irgendwie ausgeschäumt sein.

Die Antwort von Christophe auf meine Fragen:
I can’t see any reason not to pass a control because once you have the foam plug inside, you use your mast as before. The halyard stay in the mast and it is going through the foam plug in a thin tube.

Of course a plug which weight only 75gr does not change your mast characteristics, it is just a safety issue because when you will capsize, in most of the case your boat will stay on the slice instead of turning turtle and the mast will stay empty, it means that it will be much easier to recover.

To change the halyard there could be two main configurations (and that does not happen every day) : your halyard is damaged but still in the mast and you have to put a new one; you can cut the old one and remove the short steel cable from it, stitch the new halyard to the old one with a sewing thread and then pull the new one in the mast.

Second situation: your halyard is broken and nothing remain in the mast; you have to take the pulley away loosen the hook by replacing its axis by a thread (which will help to have it back in place afterward) and with a small wire or electric wire you will have to find the tube by touching the plug with it, once it is going through you feel it, then you can go on in the tube and pass your new halyard, it can take some time to complete the whole process but it is possible.

Of course I experienced both situations to be sure of their feasibility.
The plug is holding itself in the mast because it is compressed when pulled inside, it means that there is no glue no screw to hold it. If, for any reason, you want to remove it, you just have to make a knot on your halyard at the top and pull the halyard with the plug down the mast.

I own a 2015 Wilke mast which is fine to have that device inside but in some masts especially the Hit mast there are remains of the vacuum bags which were used to built them and this could be a problem they could need „to be cleaned“ before trying to put a plug, but it is possible, I have done two Hit masts.

I tried to find a solution to that problem, the boat turning turtle so fast with the risk to break the mast and I kept this solution because it is the simplest and the cheapest with nothing visible; in fact if you don’t know, unless you capsize you can’t guess there is something inside the mast.

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